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The first thing you need is foreign exchange. Also, the last thing you need to worryabout. At FRR Forex we take care of all your foreign exchange requirements. Anycurrency, any time. Just call us and we will have your exchange delivered to you.

Be sure to carry a minimum amount in cash to safeguard yourself from loss by theft.When converting one currency to another, preferably do so in either one of the countrieswhere the involved currency is a local. Avoid bringing back coins as they are noteasily convertible. You may use them on future trips.

Your best choice for currency would be that of the destination country. TravelersCheques are available in US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars,Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan. If there are no travelers chequesin your destination currency, US Dollar travelers cheques would be the next bestoption. Like cash, you can save unused travelers cheques for future use within 180days from the date of your return. Please treat your travelers cheques like youwould treat your cash.

Travel Across the Globe. The ICICI and TCIL Travel Currency Card is a prepaid Foreign Currency Card, which can be loaded with US Dollars, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Euro, British Pounds, Swiss Francs, Swedish Kroner, Dirham, South African Rand, Saudi Rial, Thai Baht and Japanese Yen. The Cards are available off the shelf at our branches. All you need to do is fill in a simple application form along with relevant documents and you can walk out with the card in your hand, loaded with the required amount of foreign currency.

FRR Forex offers a host of services:

  • Major International Currencies
  • Widely accepted travelers cheques like American Express
  • Multi Currency Card
  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • XPress Money
  • Money Gram
  • Travel Insurance

Live Exchange Provider

Live Exchange Provider